Interview with Maddie Leopardo

Maddie's work as a photographer spans travel, people and lifestyle. We discovered her work when Unsplash featured this evocative image on their editorial feed a few weeks ago. 

Her sources of influence are diverse, but stem from nature and aesthetic styles of difference decades spanning design, colour and culture.

This diversity is reflect in her photography, some of which recalls the work of Luigi Ghirri and all of which draws the viewer in by grounding them in a mood and sense of place. ...more

Interview with Alex Motoc

Alex is a street and documentary photographer based in London, whose work frequently features on Unsplash's editorial feed, which is where we first encountered it and him. 

In particular, we were drawn to an image of a girl doing her makeup at a bus-stop on a weekend night - a quintessentially London image, at once totally familiar but, under the current lockdown imposed circumstances, part of an indistinct past.

That contradiction is a thread which runs through Alex's work, taking the known and abstracting it into something liminal - you know what it is, and you think you know where it is; but you're not quite sure...more

Interview with Daniel Morris

We discovered Dan’s work on Unsplash - a striking image of an isolated house first caught our eye, the calm, gentle motion and subtle tones drew us - and we connected on Instagram

He’s a landscape and nature photographer based in Pembrokeshire, Wales - a coastal area with rugged natural beauty, which Dan cites as a key source of inspiration for him.

His work both captures and reflects the wonder of nature, from the mystery of rock formations to the drama of the night sky and carefully observed details of the natural world reclaiming itself, your eye will linger as you’re transported to a world likely very different from your own...more

Interview with Ivan Piacentini

Ivan connected with us on Instagram a few months ago and we've followed his work since then.

He's based in Trento, Italy and shoots across a variety of genres and subject matter, which is reflected in the diverse photographers whose work he admires - he shares our love for Bill Brandt's work.

He splits his work across writing and photography, and this produces an interesting tension in his photography...more

Interview with Narain Jashanmal

Narain is the founder and editor of theblowup.

Read his interview about how he first got into photography, what his sources of inspiration are and what equipment he uses to shoot and edit. 

When not photographing or editing, his day job is the Director of E-commerce Partnerships at Facebook and Instagram...more

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